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Natural Loofah Dish Scourer (Set of 3)

Natural Loofah Dish Scourer (Set of 3)

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The Greener Living Company natural loofah scourer/sponge


Perfect for those of you who are looking for a natural alternative to plastic scouring pads.


No one likes doing the dishes, but at least with this product you can get them all sparkling clean knowing that you are not adding to the mountain of plastic entering the environment.


Another chance for you to 'Be fantastic and use less plastic'. Yellow kitchen sponges with the green or white scouring pads are made from petroleum and are not biodegradeable, they shed microplastic into the water as they deteriorate.


Loofah (or luffa) is perfect for cleaning work surfaces and scrubbing dishes.


The Greener Living Company Loofah is a lot more durable than plastic so it lasts a lot longer,and at the end of its life you can simply compost!


    100% Natural & biodegradable loofah x 3


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