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Natural Bamboo Charcoal Infused Toothbrush

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Infused Toothbrush

SKU: 366615376135191
£2.50 Regular Price
£1.99Sale Price

The Newday bamboo toothbrush has no plastic in sight, not even in the packaging.

This fantastic toothbrush made from sustainable harvested bamboo,has charcoal infused bristles. Charcoal is naturally anti-bacterial and has cleansing properties. Charcoal mixtures are used traditionally for cleaning and whitening teeth.
Bamboo is a plant that grows both quickly and in abundance. It is easy to grow and harvest without causing irreversible damage to natural ecosystems. Bamboo is a highly sustainable timber and great source for versatile wooden products. 
The medium firmness bristles on these toothbrushes are gentle and so help to promote oral hygiene without damaging your gums. 
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